Dr. Susan Corso

changing your story
       changes everything



Your Story Matters

Your story determines the quality of your life.
Do you like the story you're telling?


There's Truth in Your Story

Understanding your story doesn't help you change.
Changing your story helps you change.


Build A New Story

You can't just stop telling the old story.
You have to build a new story.


Your Dream = Your New Story

Your new, inspired dream means a new story.
We will write your new story together.


To be a better leader and have a richer life, rewrite your story.
Rewriting your story is organic, genuine and lasting.

Susan Corso has been helping individuals, leaders, teams and organizations achieve anything and everything by finding the magic within themselves for more than 30 years. The magic is available when you honor your old story, and dream a new one.

Be, Do, Have

There are three functionalities in life:
being, doing, and having.

To have the most success, they need to be done in order.

Otherwise, life can feel hard.


We all need to learn to care for ourselves first and foremost.

Most of us have it backwards.

When we commit to self-care, then and only then, can we care well for others.


When you are clear about your reason for being, doing becomes natural and effortless, and your results tend toward the spectacular.

Clarity in Being means you know why you are here.