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Still Waiting?

Correct CarrotStill waiting on guidance?

So am I.

Consider the carrot.

When a farmer plants carrot seeds, my friend, what’s important is happening under ground, in the dark, in a rather mysterious way.

Still waiting?

Don’t dig up the carrot seeds!

Be still. Wait. Let them take root and deliver in their own good time.

When it looks like nothing is happening in your life, like you’re not being guided to anything let alone what you want, hold still. Know that while you are waiting, something you can’t see is happening.

Things, people, circumstances, all manner of things are aligning in ways that you cannot begin to understand. It’s too big and mysterious a process.

I personally love carrots. While I’m still waiting, I’m remembering their valuable lesson.

Good things happen in the dark!

A to Z

I knew this Albert Einstein quote before. Well, really, I knew half of it. The second half. I’d never seen the first half.

“Logic will get you from A to Z.* Imagination will get you everywhere.”

I’m a novelist. You can imagine, I’m sure, that I believe imagination will take me anywhere and everywhere. One of the refrains of my quite fanciful (on the imagination front) childhood was: “Be logical!”

I used to screech back, “Logic is overrated!”

I wasn’t exactly precise. Einstein has it much more accurately. “Logic will get you from A to Z.” Nothin’ wrong with that, if that’s where you want to be going.

When I was a kid, and sometimes even now, logic is the last place I’m interested in parking. I want to live the Willy Wonka life of imagination! And logic is also my friend. It just has its limits.

Einstein is assuring us all that we need both. It’s not logic or imagination. It’s logic and imagination.

*So this made me laugh myself silly! I went looking for an image to illustrate this Seed after I wrote it, and most of the images said “A to B,” not “A to Z!” It’s really both, so I let the Seed stand.

Seeds XVI, 34

Don’t Know What To Do?

images (1)When you don’t know what to do, this is the only advice to heed:


Be still, and listen.



I’m in a strange place in my life. My guidance isn’t clear—which is pretty rare for me. I was talking to a friend about it the other day. She laughed and said, “Sweetie, that’s how most of us go through life.”

There’s only one thing to do when you’re not clear. Get still. Hold still. Be still.  Wait. Listen. You’ll get guidance when it’s time.

The other option is to “try” things, but they can often become a trial, or trial and error.

Living by guidance is so much easier.

So if you’re not clear, be still. You’ll be guided. I promise. In fact, I’m counting on it.


P.S. I wakened this morning just before I needed to post this with the idea that I would ask internally if there were any steps I needed to take toward my goal today. I asked, and got an immediate answer to how to solve three difficulties. Now I just have to implement the changes! Get still again, and keep asking till the path becomes clear.