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Too Small

Remember years ago when mythologist Joseph Campbell recommended we … follow our bliss? Many of my clients at that time wanted to know what their bliss was. These words from poet David Whyte offer a clue as to how to find your bliss.

Anyone or anything that does not bring you more alive is too small for you.

I have worked with energy for many years as a medical intuitive among other healing roles. What gives you more energy, or brings you more alive, takes you closer to your bliss—whatever that may be. What drains your energy, or brings you more numbness or deadening, takes you away from your bliss—whatever that may be.

The secret is to pay attention to your body. If you feel alive as you pursue something, keep going. If not, choose another path. Playing small never helps anyone.

Seeds XVIII, 15


Most of you will have heard me say this for many years now: there are three modalities to human life: being, doing, and having. The order matters. You have to be before you can do or have.

I think that’s why I like these combined wisdoms of Russian author Leo Tolstoy, and British journalist Holbrook Jackson.

If you want to be happy, be.

Happiness is a form of courage.

It’s really that simple. You can be happy just because you exist, you be, you are.

And, it takes a quality of heart—coeur-age—to accept that this is true.

I think one of the saddest days on Earth was the day someone looked outside themselves and decided that circumstances had to be a certain way before happiness was possible. It’s not true. Circumstances change constantly. Your being does not.

You are a magical creature. Be … happy.

Seeds XVIII, 14

Time Management

The year is one-quarter over. Need more time? Try these tried and true self-help methods.

 Time (2)

Beloved, we all have the same amount of time. It doesn’t matter whether we’re the President or a Pauper. The issue is how we’re using our time. These are five beautiful ways.