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Staying With

Seeds XIV, 13

Seed: Staying With

Staying with your feelings when they’re uncomfortable can be really difficult, especially if they’re old feelings or from ancient situations like your family of origin. The thing is: I’ve avoided feelings I didn’t want to feel, and it never works. How about you?

Somehow we’ve learned to be afraid of uncomfortable feelings as a species. We get angry, and we judge ourselves for getting angry. It’s painful enough to be angry. Judging it only makes it worse.

The next time you’re caught in uncomfortable feelings, instead of tabling or squelching them, stay with them. Just show up. Sit. Feel. Breathe. You’ll be amazed.

Staying with feelings is almost a sure-fire guarantee that they’ll shift. A shift in feelings, particularly uncomfortable ones, often precedes breakthrough.

Be brilliant,

Susan Corso

Dr. Susan Corso


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