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Looking At

Seeds XIV, 7

Seed: Looking At

Ever since Shakti Gawain wrote Creative Visualization three and a half decades ago, visualization has become a standard tool for creating reality. “Visualize it, and you’ll create it,” we hear. “It has to be.”

But what about those of us who have a hard time visualizing? Ninety-three percent of people are allegedly visual learners according to the founders of NLP, Neurolinguistic Programming. The other seven percent of us learn either auditorily or kinesthetically.

This is why I like the depth of what Science of Mind founder Ernest Holmes wrote many years ago.

“We see that what we are looking for, we are looking with, and looking at.”

Let’s take this apart over the next few weeks.

What we are looking at means our own desires not desires we’ve borrowed or the desires that others have for us. We visualize best what we ourselves truly want because there are feelings attached to what we allow ourselves to want. In fact, it’s those feelings that make visualization work, not visualization per se. Visualization without feelings doesn’t work at all.

Acknowledging what we’re looking at is step three. Stay tuned for the next week’s Seed to get the full picture.

Be brilliant,

Susan Corso

Dr. Susan Corso


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