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Today is the Day

No, really, It is. Or, it is if you think it is, and that’s the only thought about it that matters.

Whatever you’ve been waiting for, do something toward it today.


From Donna Henes’ blog The Queen of My Self on Beliefnet.


Today is the Day

By Dani Sutliff

Observations from the Queendom:

“The world will not fall apart if we step into our grace and express our vastness. It is more likely the world will stop falling apart when we do.”

- Geneen Roth

What if I told you today was the day?

The day to step into your grace and express your vastness?  The day to make a commitment to live YOU in all your bodalicious uniqueness.


Starting now.

The day to quit hiding and/or pretending you are anything less than the magnificent creature you are; to sit at your own knee and hang on your every word; to be totally and fully intrigued by your mystery and enthralled with your wisdom; to delight in your deliciousness, and to marvel at how well life looks on you; the day to giggle with coquettish glee at all that makes you divinely, curvaceously, abundantly, woman; the day to laugh loudly at your own jokes; to quote yourself and to be inspired by the vast and unlimited potential of your inherent creativity and passion.

What if I told you today was the day?


The day to follow where your heart leads, to say yes to yourself, to grab the brass ring with both hands and hold on tight; to give away a little less and hold on to a little more; to do what you want to do and not do what you don’t want to do.

The day to park yourself smack dab in the middle of YOU and savor every single second of every single bit of you.

What if I told you today was that day and that no one else can tell of your fire, paint with your words, or sing with your voice like you in the middle of you?

That the world needs you to express you.

That I need you to express you.

Right now.


Would you believe me?

Would you do it?
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Go for it, dear one.

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