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The Path and Power of Yes

A woman client of mine was at her wits’ end with her Type-A, CEO husband who treated her like a minion and not a beloved. She decided to bring him to see me as a last ditch effort to get him to hear what she needed.

They arrived. She sat gracefully, and quietly. Her husband had his phone in his hand punching “buttons” and cybermuttering. His legs were crossed; foot jouncing. Finally, he looked up and, clearly annoyed at having his business day preempted, spat out, “So you’re the spiritual lady, right? Can you tell me about your spiritual path in one sentence or less?”

I gazed at him from my big green eyes, giggling inside. Then I spoke, “Yes.” I stopped.

He waited. I could see him wanting to snap his fingers at me, and then he did! “Yes, what?” came back over the net—even more irked.

His wife burst out laughing. He looked confused.

“Do you want me to explain it?” I asked.

He nodded.

“Okay,” I said. “My spiritual path is to say yes to whatever is happening.”

“Like what?” The belligerence was crystal clear.

“Like, yes, there is a man in my office behaving like an ass and being very rude to me about my spiritual path.”

His wife was wiping her eyes she was laughing so hard.

Truthfully, my last line was like the punchline of a joke. There was a nano-pause, then he got it, relaxed, showed up for the session, and saved their marriage.

The point is: this is the power of yes. No matter what is coming toward me or anyone.

For such a simple word, it can be said and used in all sorts of ways. Another client sent this to me during this rough time in my own life. Here’s another kind of yes entirely, and it works just as well.

Hell Yes vs. Deep Yes

Nisha Moodley

Deep down in your soul, there’s a Yes.

She may not jump with excitement.
She may be quiet, steady, and clear.

She may have no pom poms.
She may be timid.

She may not say “Hell Yes!”
She may just say “Yes.”

Even her quiet Yes counts.
Ask her, then listen.

She’s the only one who knows.

Nisha Moodley

The Perfect Reminder

reminderLouise Hay’s most recent email to me reminded me that Life loves me, that I can ask Life itself to take care of it, that Life wants to care for me. Still in the soup interiorly, Donna Henes’ blog post became a way through the inner swamp—just for today. A gorgeous story …


posted by Donna Henes

As I was deciding what to write this week, this wonderful story arrived in my inbox so I thought I would share it with you.

A man died…

When he realized it, he saw God coming closer with a suitcase in his hand.

Dialog between God and Dead Man:

God: Alright son, it’s time to go

Man: So soon? I had a lot of plans…

God: I am sorry but, it’s time to go

Man: What do you have in that suitcase?

God: Your belongings

Man: My belongings? You mean my things… Clothes… money…

God: Those things were never yours, they belong to the Earth

Man: Is it my memories?

God: No. They belong to Time

Man: Is it my talent?

God: No. They belong to Circumstance

Man: Is it my friends and family?

God: No son. They belong to the Path you travelled

Man: Is it my wife and children?

God: No. they belong to your Heart

Man: Then it must be my body

God: No No… It belongs to Dust

Man: Then surely it must be my Soul!

God: You are sadly mistaken son. Your Soul belongs to me.

Man with tears in his eyes and full of fear took the suitcase from the God’s hand and opened it…


With heartbroken and tears down his cheek he asks God…

Man: I never owned anything?

God: That’s Right. You never owned anything.

Man: Then? What was mine?

God: Your MOMENTS. Every moment you lived was yours.

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Worldwide Blog Action Day: Inequality

Blog Action Day 2014My blog is two days “late” this week because I’m participating in Blog Action Day, as always. This year’s theme is Inequality: women and girls, anyone?


Malala Yousafzai won half the Nobel Peace Prize for 2014. Inequality? You betcha.

The truth is that until women and girls not longer need to intone the word inequality about ANYTHING, the world will not know peace because it cannot.

We’re all first-class citizens of the planet. All. No exceptions.