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Special Valentine’s Day Seed


Happy Valentine’s Day


Usually, I write the next six month’s Seeds between Christmas and New Year’s Day, but this year, I was busy working on a radical life shift so I’m writing this Seed in my new apartment in Petaluma, California! [Waiting for the movers ...]

Perhaps that’s why I was drawn to this quote from one of the pages in my Mary Engelbreit calendar.

Doors are everywhere—open them.

Believe me, doors really are everywhere, and once we open them, it seems like there’s no choice but to step over their thresholds, and explore what’s on the other side. Take it from someone who has just made a radical change! All I see are doors. Each one beckons me. I’m taking my time as I explore my new home.

Just be aware that stepping through new doors changes things. How could it not? Ready for a life shift of your own? Find a new door. Open it.

Seeds XVII, 4

Most Amazing

Virgin Airlines founder Richard Branson is always good for an outrageous quote. Here’s one of his best:

Don’t think what’s the cheapest way to do it or what’s the fastest way to do it. Think what’s the most amazing way to do it.

What a great way to make choices! The most amazing way ….

That means you know what amazes you. And that you can dream it. Because, if you can dream it, you can be it, do it, and have it.

And that, in itself, is most amazing.

Seeds XVII, 3